They investigate a fraudulent website for the sale of household appliances for defrauding more than 3,000 euros

  • The dozen victims of the scam came from Barcelona, ​​Girona and seven other provinces

  • The Civil Guard identifies a 49-year-old woman as the person in charge of the website

The Valencia Civil Guard investigates a fraudulent website that simulated the sale of electrical appliances for swindling more than 3.00 euros from more than a dozen victims in Asturias, BarcelonaCadiz, Cantabria, GironaLugo, Murcia, Seville and Valencia.

The operation has had its origin in the complaint of a resident of the town of Cheste (Valencia) who claimed to have been the victim of a scam by acquiring an appliance through a website that, after the corresponding payment, she never received, according to informed the armed institute in a statement.

The agents realized that different household appliances were advertised for sale on the aforementioned website at a price much lower than the current market price. At that time, investigations began in order to identify the person responsible for it.

After analyzing the beneficiary account for the collection of the transfers, the agents have found a total of 12 installments for these same concepts, with a total value of 3,270 euros between May 16 and 17, which has been blocked by the banking entity

The researchers then interviewed the account holders who made said payments, who claimed to have filed a complaint for the fraud suffered at the hands of the aforementioned website.

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After making efforts to identify the website in question, the agents discovered that the registered office of the website is in Malaga, whose address and telephone number belonged to a company with a similar name, currently closed. These facts made the agents assume that the page had been created fraudulently for the commission of these criminal acts, as it had no commercial activity.

Finally, the Meritorious has managed to identify the person responsible for the aforementioned website, a 49 year old woman and of Spanish nationality residing in the town of Valencia de Don Juan (León), who is being investigated for 12 crimes of fraud. The Cheste Civil Guard has been in charge of carrying out the aforementioned investigation. The proceedings have been delivered to the Court of First Instance and Instruction Number 4 of Requena.