“They harass, insult and inoculate hatred”

The PSOE is redirecting towards the PP shock wave from the interview Santiago Abascal in which he predicted that “there will be a time when the Spanish will want to hang Sánchez by his feet.” The socialists came out in force last night to ask Alberto Núñez Feijóo to condemn these words and, after distancing himself “completely”, the President of the Government has gone one step further to ask the leader of the PP to “reflect on what allies he has”. During the presentation of his book Tierra Firme (Peninsula) this noon at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, the President of the Government has charged against the leader of Vox for a statement “of extraordinary gravity” that he framed a type of speech “unprecedented in the democratic history of our country.” Despite the popular condemnation, Sánchez has assured that the main opposition party “has given in.” against the extreme right.

Sánchez has avoided directly asking that the popular party break their alliances with Vox in the communities and municipalities where they govern in coalition, assuming that their supposed submission to the “ideological battle of the extreme right” It prevents him from “transcending a dynamic of destruction.” Faced with a scenario of polarization and hatred “that Abascal tries to inoculate,” the head of the Executive reduced the tension, relying on the normality of the displacements experienced during the last long weekend of the Constitution, to conclude that “nothing is breaking.” . Of course, he denounced an asymmetric polarization, from which he tried to extract the PSOE, to differentiate those who “besiege, insult and inoculate hatred”; of those who are “besieged, insulted and we try with respect and humility to confront those types of ideologies that only try to confront Spanish society.”

The pressure derived from Alberto Núñez Feijóo occurs in a context in which SÁnchez has yet to call Feijóo to set up a meeting in Moncloa before Christmas. Regarding the objectives of the meeting, with a view to seeking State pacts, Sánchez said not to lose hope. “I am not going to give up the effort so that we can reach agreements for our country,” he assured after listing the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ)the reform of the regional financing system and the modification of article 49 of the Constitution to eliminate the term “diminished.”

Regarding polarization, Sánchez has extended the blame to the “political and media right that has painted a country that is not real.” A country that would not be so uniform and that, at another point in his conversation with journalists Ángeles Caballero and Jorge Javier Vázquez, he again criticized the “problem of political pluralism”; in the media. Specifically, due to the supposed lack of balance in the gatherings “because there are many people from the right and none from the left.” He even blamed “television shows” of contributing “directly or indirectly to dehumanizing those who hold government responsibilities.”

The “step” of the amnesty

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The amnestywhich Congress will debate this Tuesday When taken into consideration, it has once again been justified by Sánchez as a lesser evil. The now classic “make a virtue of necessity” which he explained, first, to avoid a PP and Vox Government and continue deploying a progressive Government program, and second, to overcome the political conflict in Catalonia. The “channeling towards more constructive debates needs these types of steps.” Likewise, he relied on the majority of Congress that in principle will support it – 178 seats.

The head of the Executive has prescribed Feijóo a longer look to reduce the tension with which this legislature has started. “Distance races must be run with the rules and regulations of long-distance racing. You can’t run it as if it were a 100-meter race because you end up exhausted. This is what I see on the right, with Abascal as a guest & rdquor ;, he has criticized him. Likewise, he has described it as a mistake that the right “uses & rdquor; the territorial question when it is in the opposition “because in the end the extremes feed”, he said after remembering that Vox “was born due to the impotence of the right to bring the entire Catalan dispute into the realm of political conflict”.