They beat a father in Zaragoza who was with a newborn in a traffic fight

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The National Police detains two men for the brutal attack in Zaragoza | They not only assaulted the victim, but also threatened to kill her with a shotgun

A blow when parking a car against another already parked on a street in Zaragoza led to a fight in which a young man was seriously injured in the head. literally was attacked with some sticks that two men had in the trunk and that they did not hesitate to use against the victim, who had just gotten out of his car with his wife and the newborn baby they were carrying in their arms. Luckily they did not have time to take the shotgun they said they had, because they also threatened to “shoot them”.

The events took place last election Sunday. It was around 4:35 p.m. when the 091 room began to receive dozens of calls from residents of San Eloy street, in the Oliver neighborhood of Zaragoza. They signaled that they were listening shouts of an argument and that a person was bleeding profusely.

Because it was election day and all the available agents were mobilized there, several units of the Citizen Security Brigade of the Aragon Police Headquarters were transferred, who, with their presence alone, dispersed the existing riot, although they were able to locate the two aggressors and the victim, who had to be immediately transferred to the Clínico Lozano Blesa hospital in the capital where He was admitted due to the cranioencephalic trauma that he presented and they had to sew him up with 15 stitches on his head. It had been beaten open. Likewise, she had a broken finger and several blows to the side and back.

According to the witnesses, the victim parked his car on the street, got out of the car with his wife and the newly born baby to go home. Right now, another driver went to park his car next to the one who was injured, hitting him. Given this, the young man reproached him for what he had done, starting an aggressive discussion.

At one point, apparently, the father and son who had hit the victim’s vehicle minutes before went to the trunk and took out two cachaba-type sticks and began to beat the young man until he fell to the ground, where they continued to beat him. While they shouted: “We are going to kill you son of a bitch, we are going to kill you, this is not going to come out of this, we are going to take the shotgun that I have saved and we are going to kill you.” At the same time, the street began to fill with friends and relatives of those who ended up being arrested, identified as RCG and RCJ, Spaniards aged 43 and 19, to support them and cheer them on. However, they ended up running away when they heard the sirens of the police cars.

Relatives of the wounded man also came and tried to get in the way to act as a shield, also being beaten and threatened with death. death “for getting in the way.”

For all these reasons, RCG and RCJ were arrested as alleged perpetrators of a crime of attempted homicidegoing to court and being provisionally released, although with a restraining order regarding the injured young man and his family.