These football girls crown themselves champions in the year after their foundation: ‘Everyone plays well’

Starting something is one thing, sticking to it is another, and achieving it is a third. This trajectory is a long one for many athletes, but the girls team of Achilles 1894 already managed this in their first season. A year ago, the under-13 team did not even exist, but today they already became champions.

Success coach Harry Boddema, who quickly prepared his players for the big work, is very proud. Although his focus does not seem to be on the football tactical level. “The atmosphere is good, and that’s the most important thing: fun,” he says prior to the championship game.

That crucial game was fought this morning at the home base in Assen. With the full loot, Achilles 1894 can no longer be caught by the competition. And despite the fact that the title was up for grabs, the champion team, supported by a year of experience, was not put off.

“It’s great that we get the chance to become champion right away”, attack leader Chennely Hilberts remains a bit on the plain. “Everyone just plays well. We are well attuned to each other.”

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