There will be no winter weather for the time being: is spring already around the corner?

The first day of the week was often dry and we regularly saw the sun. It will remain changeable and mild in the coming days, but does that mean spring is already around the corner?

According to Weeronline, the day starts dry on Tuesday, there is plenty of room for the sun. This may change in the afternoon, when the cloud cover will gradually increase. This may be accompanied by rain. During the evening this will be accompanied by a strong west to southwest wind. During the day the temperature is mild, ranging between 7 and 10 degrees. The mercury rises even further in the evening, in the center and south of the country it can even reach 13 degrees around midnight.

West wind

On Wednesday we will have a stormy morning with a strong westerly wind. Wind gusts can reach a speed of 85 km/h. At sea the wind can even be stormy, but according to the Weeronline forecast it will not be an official storm.

While some rain may fall in the east in the morning, it will be dry for a large part of the day. In the afternoon we regularly experience sunshine, temperatures between 10 and 12 degrees. A lot warmer than normal around this time, normally it is 4 to 6 degrees at the end of January.

We will also experience occasional showers on Thursday, but also regular sunshine. It will also be warmer than usual by 9 to 10 degrees.

Towards the weekend

The weather will remain mild towards the weekend. Due to a west to southwest wind, we occasionally experience showers, but the temperature during the day averages around 10 degrees. It will also remain mild at night and the temperature will not drop below zero for the time being, according to expectations. So the shivering is over for a while.