There was outrage in Ukraine

The shocking decision of the IOC did not cause cheers in Ukraine.

Ukraine will announce its decision to boycott later. PDO

The International Olympic Committee made a shocking decision on Friday when it decided to allow Russian and Belarusian athletes to participate in the Summer Olympics in Paris.

Athletes are allowed to compete in neutral country symbols, and they must not have ties to the military.

The decision was met with dismay in Ukraine.

The country’s Minister of Youth and Sports Matviy Bindyi pointed out that IOC President Thomas Bach had only recently said that the umbrella organization would make a decision in March of next year. Not in December.

The minister considers the decision made under Bach’s leadership to be irresponsible and says that Ukraine will condemn it.

– We explained to the International Olympic Committee that Russian athletes have the same passports as the occupiers who are killing Ukrainians. This means they bear part of the responsibility for the deaths of Ukrainians, Bindyi said in a press release from the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine on Facebook.

Bindyi points out that Russia has broken the Olympic truce three times and tried to organize alternative games for the Olympics. Russia has also threatened to arrive in Paris with tanks.

– What else does Russia have to do, who else does Russia have to kill, so that the International Olympic Committee finally takes off its rose-colored glasses from the terrorist state?

According to the minister, Ukraine will make a decision about participating in the Olympics later.