There was a thunder, a lightning: Soy Kroon covers When I saw you

The Eindhoven actor Soy Kroon has decided to release his cover of the mega hit When I saw you by Antonie Kamerling as a single. The song, written by Guus Meeuwis, plays a major role in Kroon’s new solo performance.

Recently Kroon sang his version of When I saw you on Humberto Tan’s talk show. In his own words, he received countless positive reactions to this, which means that the song will soon also be available on Spotify.

Guus Meeuwis
‘When I saw you’ was written by Guus Meeuwis and Jan Willem Rozeboom. In 1997 Antonie Kamerling sang the song in the role of Hero from the film All Stars. Guus Meeuwis sings his own version of the song on his album Painting, also from 1997.

After the death of Antonie Kamerling in 2010, When I saw you was listened again en masse. The single re-entered the Dutch Single Top 100 at number 1 after thirteen years.

Theater tour
Soy Kroon will be in theaters next year with a solo performance, ‘Now I see you’ about Kamerling’s life and work.

The performance is based on the book that Merlijn Kamerling wrote about his father Antonie. In that book, ten years after Antonie’s death, Merlin set out in search of a more complete picture of his father. The play will hit theaters early next year.