There she rolls! Moabit’s new tram as a photo model

From Hildburg Bruns

Passersby pulled out their cell phones along the route: There she is rolling! The tram has arrived in Moabit. The M10 now connects track to track, providing a direct connection from the main train station to Turmstrasse subway station.

Even a delegation from a coastal town in South Korea came to the opening to study the new route. The cost of the 2.2 kilometers is now estimated at 37 million euros. With five stops, including at the Moabit criminal court. 16,000 passengers a day are expected to benefit from the 24/7 operation, every 5 minutes during the day and every 15 minutes at night.

“A beautiful day!” beamed BVG supervisory board boss Franziska Giffey (45, SPD) and brought driver Wenke Roßow (54) to the microphone. The ex-saleswoman has been a tram driver for eight years and admitted: “I’m excited, I don’t like being the center of attention.”

Tram driver Wenke Rossow (54)

Tram driver Wenke Rossow (54) was behind the wheel on the maiden voyage Photo: Olaf Selchow

Giffey: “I have great respect for their work: Berliners are sometimes a bit crazy and run in front of the train and rely on nothing happening.”

By the way, the SPD politician herself tested steering in a tram simulation at the BVG two weeks ago. “It wasn’t that easy,” she admitted – because there was immediately a virtual accident.

But everything went smoothly on the professionals’ maiden voyage. BVG boss Rolf Erfurt (50) was overjoyed: “In just over two years of construction, we have brought the tram a little further west.”

Transport Senator Manja Schreiner (45, CDU) announced that the next extension in Moabit (3.8 km to Jungfernheide) should be approved in this legislative period – i.e. building law will come by 2026. “In Jungfernheide there is an important transfer point to the Ringbahn.”

Tram through Moabit

Alt Moabit corner Rathenower Strasse: The new route is opened with the cutting of the yellow ribbon, among others by the politicians (from left) Manja Schreiner, city councilor Almut Neumann, BVG supervisory board chairwoman Franziska Giffey Photo: Olaf Selchow

In the near future, planning approval is only planned for the double-track expansion of the tram line in Mahlsdorf (1.7 km).