There may be an easy solution to the annoying headphone problem

If the power runs out from one earbud at a very different time than the other, the problem can be found at the bottom of the charging case.

If you own Apple’s Airpods headphones or other wireless earbuds that are charged in a charging case, you may have come across the problem that one of the two buttons runs out of power faster than the other.

Even if one headphone is full of power, the other might be completely dead. A surprisingly simple trick may solve the problem.

Unilad, which reports on the subject, reminds you to clean the connectors on the bottom of the charging case if you notice that the headphones are charging unevenly. If the headset doesn’t hit the contact pins properly, it won’t charge either. Unilad recommends using, for example, a cotton swab for cleaning.

If this gimmick doesn’t help either, Unilad urges you to look at the way you use the headphones. If you often only use the other headset, and often the same headset, their batteries wear out at different rates. In the long run, this can also affect how well the battery holds power.

Source: Unilad