There is immediate buzz after trying Tappara – Direct words from the fans

Tappara’s experiment does not get support from the fan group.

Tappara of Tampere announced on Monday that he will try a new practice in this week’s local match against Ilves.

Tappara said that it allows supporters’ flags to be waved in both fan ends while the match is in progress. Until now, the club’s policy has been that flags could only be waved during game breaks, so that it does not disturb other spectators.

– We want to develop our match event even further towards the best match event experience in Europe and with this supporter ticket experiment we aim to find a final solution to our selection in terms of tickets, Tappara’s development and event manager Aki Hautamäki said in the announcement.

– At the same time, we want to serve the supporters of all other clubs, so it is possible to change the away supporters’ stand this season into a standing stand, depending on the event, up to the top, he continued.

Tappara’s supporter group SiniOranssit responded to the club’s decision in a Facebook update.

– We want to respect all those watching the match in the stands and the customers of the Stefans restaurant, and thus we decide not to carry out an experiment at the Tappara supporter’s end.

– So the tickets will not fly in our stands even on Thursday during the game, and this way we guarantee everyone the best possible view of the field and the best possible match event in support of our beloved club, the update reads.

If the embed is not visible on your device, you can watch it from here.

Tappara and Ilves will meet in a local match on Thursday in the Nokia Arena.

Big supporter flags can also be waved while the game is in progress. Mika Kylmäniemi / AOP