‘Theo Maassen dumped by best friend after 27 years: done!’

Theo Maassen has been dumped by one of his best friends after 27 years, reports his ex-mistress Angela Degener. “I met him by chance and he says: ‘I just don’t think it’s done.’”


How lucky Theo Maassen is: there may be a 125,000-word piece of evidence, but VPRO and BNNVARA happily continue with him. Anyone who doesn’t continue with him is one of his best friends. At least, that is what his ex-fiancée Angela Degener, one of the whistleblowers in the case about his alleged domestic violence, claims.

Hassle with Theo

How exactly does this work? Angela explains in an interview with Show news: “It was a complete coincidence that I was out and about with my dog ​​yesterday and I met one of his best friends. He stopped me and said: ‘Hey, what a fuss with Theo.’ He was the best friend with Theo for 27 years.”

It became a hallucinatory conversation, according to Angela. “He was like, ‘Yes, I broke up with him because he joked about hitting his wife.’ And then I said, ‘Huh, yeah, on stage he makes jokes, because he makes jokes about domestic violence and also about hitting women.’ ‘No, no,’ he said.”

Beaten up

What did this ex-bestie say next? “He said, ‘In our private conversations he just joked about how he beat up his wife,’ etcetera. He says: ‘That was normal for me not done.’ Then he also broke up with Theo.”

Angela continues: “But he was completely devastated when he once came to Theo’s wife Joyce’s home and she told her about the violence and that he had given her a black eye. That was the limit for this person: ‘I’m ending the friendship after 27 years.’”

NSB member

Private boss Evert Santegoeds emphasizes in Shownieuws that Angela is not the one who introduced the matter to him. “This Angela is seen by everyone as the one who brought the whole thing out to me. I really have to say: that is not the case. We only contacted her at a later stage.”

Who is it then? Theo’s wife Joyce? His ex-girlfriend? Evert doesn’t say that. “The source himself is very happy that he or she is not blamed and no one suspects who that is. Angela is not the one who deserves to be called an NSB member, as regularly happens in VI.”