“Their war is ours. Ukraine also defends us”

The Government of Spain celebrated this Monday the europe day with an act in the Senate in which Josep Borrell was heard defending the need to continue sending weapons to help Ukraine defend itself against Vladimir Putin. Borrell, in a message that could be seen as critical of United We Can, asked for consistency and asked those who consider that military collaboration will “prolong” the war what alternative they propose. “For Ukraine to surrender? For it to surrender? For Russia to do what it wants with it? If that’s not what we want, if we go there to say that Ukraine is also defending a system of freedoms that is ours, let’s be consistent. Your war is ours [Ucrania] also defends us from us“, he stressed in a recorded video that was broadcast on a large screen placed in the Plaza de la Marina Española, in front of the upper house.

“Let’s not be angelic. The world we live in is a dangerous world. Within Europe we have built peace, but outside peace is not the natural state of things,” he claimed. The also vice-president of the European Commission assured that “civilian and military threats” loom over the Union, such as that of Putin in these times, which require increasing military capabilities in a cooperation system that does not entail a “waste” for each State.

“Let’s not be angelic. The world we live in is a dangerous world,” says Borrell in a message that seems addressed to United We Can

In the act Pedro also spoke. Sanchezwho sat in the front row along with half the government (with the vice president Yolanda Diaz and the ministers José Manuel Albares, Félix Bolaños, Margarita Robles, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, Pilar Llop, Carolina Darias, Diana Morant and Irene Montero). And if Borrell seemed to be speaking to Sánchez’s purple partners, the chief executive dedicated several minutes to Vox, which he did not quote. Sánchez sees in “ultranationalisms” the “internal enemies of Europe”, and considers that they are a “real and serious” threat. In this context, he celebrated the fact that Marine Le Pen did not win in the French elections, but he asked not to look the other way, because her progress should “warn” about the “real possibility that [los ultras] come to power in different member states to impose agendas that are antipodal to the ideals and spirit of the European Union”.

“In the face of ultra-nationalism, Europe must be brought closer to the people“, advised Sánchez. Among the initiatives to be reinforced, he pointed out the need to reform the energy market, advance in the green transition and make policies for youth, innovation, social cohesion, gender equality and migration. In this context, the President of the Government urged the authorities to “reclaim European patriotism”, which he believes is what Putin seeks to weaken “with his autocracy”.

The act was accompanied by the music of the Madrid Municipal Symphonic Band, which performed four pieces, two of them by Russian authors (Dimitri Shostakovich and Rimski Korsakov), one by the German Ludwig van Beethoven and another by the Spanish Reveriano Sutullo and Juan Vert. .

Irruption of the present

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During the celebration it was learned that the Executive is finalizing the report on the mobile phones of the members of the Government in case, like that of Sánchez and Robles, they had also been infected with the spy program pegasus. The ministers fled from the subject and from the press. The president, who has not yet spoken publicly on this matter, did not want to speak either.

As in gossip shows, when in the absence of answers from the interviewees the questions that remain in the air are relevant, the one that Sánchez has to reveal in the coming days arrived: “When do you meet with [Pere] Aragonese to redirect the relationship with the ERC?” The chief executive, as if not listening to her, passed in front of the group of journalists without stopping, without wanting to comment on the parliamentary weakness suffered by the monumental anger of Aragonès after knowing that the CNI he spied with that ‘software’. Sánchez preferred international politics this Monday. But this Tuesday, when the Council of Ministers ends, Pegasus will still be there.