In the month of October, a striking number of catalytic converters were stolen, mainly in the Rokkeveen district. Toyota owners should pay extra attention: the Auris and Prius are especially popular among thieves.

    Pointing out on social media police officers and neighborhood watch teams to alert residents. Reports of theft mainly come from the Houtbuurt, but according to the police, the thieves are active throughout the region of The Hague. P&R De Lus on the Zuidweg is also a notorious place.

    More than forty times

    In the period 1 January to 31 October, theft of a catalytic converter in Zoetermeer occurred more than forty times. This number may differ slightly because police officers can register incidents in different ways, for example if the theft of a catalytic converter occurs in combination with another incident.

    Toyota is popular

    During that period, theft of a catalytic converter occurred seven times in a Toyota Prius, sixteen times in a Toyota Auris, six times in a Renault Clio, four times in a Volkswagen and four times in an Opel. Other brands are less common in the registrations, but this does not mean that other car brands are not at risk, according to the police.

    Useful tips against theft

    Neighborhood officers and neighborhood watch ask residents to be alert to people who drive through the neighborhood in vans. Police recommend parking your car in a well-lit or busy area. The car has to be jacked up in order to steal a catalytic converter. Thieves don’t like to walk in plain sight, so there’s less chance that it’s your car’s turn. Another option is to have the catalytic converter welded to the frame of the car or secured with extra pins. This makes it more difficult to remove.

    Do you see anything suspicious?

    The Zoetermeer police ask that you always contact the police if you do not trust a situation. For example, if strangers appear to be exploring near cars. Then call 112 immediately. Has your catalytic converter been stolen? Then call 0900-8844 or do online declaration.

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