COEXIST, the second album by The xx, is ten years old and will be reissued twice to mark the occasion. There is a limited reissue on vinyl, and an extended deluxe version of the album will also be released digitally.

    COEXIST is re-released on vinyl as a limited Crystal Clear Vinyl LP. The new edition is scheduled for release on January 13, 2023 and can be pre-ordered now. You can already listen to the digital deluxe version. It includes additional live versions of the tracks “Angels”, “Chained” and “Reunion & Sunset”, bringing the total to 14 tracks.

    “What’s special about having records is that they’re like a physical journal, a moment in our friendship,” the band wrote in a statement. “We reflect on that time has passed and the music has belonged to other people for those ten years – Coexist means something to us, but the connection people have to these songs now. Fleeting moments where people say they walked down the aisle at their wedding to ‘Angels’, it’s very surreal and special to be a part of these people’s lives.”

    Most recently, The xx released their third album I SEE YOU in 2017. In recent years, the members have concentrated primarily on solo projects. Jamie xx released his first solo album IN COLOR in 2015, and HIDEOUS BASTARD, the debut album by bassist and singer Oliver Sim, was released in September 2022. Singer Romy Madley Croft also released her second solo single “Strong” in November 2022. That doesn’t mean they’ve written off the main band, though: “There’s definitely going to be more music from The xx,” Sim said in an October 2022 interview.