The wrong cabinet doors were too many: The Diili competitor was rudely fired

Jaajo Linnonmaa fired another Diili competitor.

Kiila and Valjakko faced a real challenge In the deal. The teams had to renovate an apartment building in 36 hours. The winner was the team that increased the value of the apartment the most.

Valjakko had chosen to be the project manager William’swhile Kiila was trusted Wenlan to leadership.

Valjakko, whose apartment value increased by 25,000 euros, won the competition for the longest floor. Kiila, in turn, performed significantly worse in the task. The value of the apartment only increased by 7,000 euros. The members of Valjako rejoiced at the situation, because it was their first victory.

Kiila experienced his first defeat in Diili. Four

A disappointed Kiila retreats to discuss the bitter outcome. Project manager Wenla brings up the reason why the team lost.

– One thing that was different was the kitchen and the kitchen cabinets. The idea was that we would get the cabinet doors to measure from there. They were drawn, measured and verified. Then it wasn’t like that. Emma too it was perhaps a misconception that measurements could be taken, Wenla reasons.

He criticized Emma for not telling about the problems with the kitchen cabinets early enough.

The renovation of the Kiila team did not go well. The doors of the kitchen cabinets were different colors and one of the doors didn’t even open properly. Four

Emma felt that Wenla’s leadership style was not respectful during the task.

– Of course, the surface tightens with everyone, but I think it’s important that there is communication. How, for example For Vil was spoken to or I was spoken to, it was outrageous, Emma said to the cameras.

In front of the management team, the cabinet doors became a topic of conversation again. Emma tried to explain her actions to Jaajo Linnonmaa.

– My thought was that even though the old kitchen is there, I thought that it could be changed. There’s no need to put it in the quantity, if we do a renovation, then you can take them out, because we would have gotten the frames from the kitchen space, Emma defended herself.

However, the explanations did not help. Jaajo Linnonmaa decided to fire Emma.

Emma from Tornio had to say goodbye to Diil. Four

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