The winning mentality of the Kraus family: from the ring to the track

Albert Kraus from Oss is a big name in the kickboxing world. His son Gradus is the best boxer in the Netherlands in his weight class and hopes to qualify for the Olympic Games this week. Daughter Levana (18) is also very talented. Not in the ring, but in equestrian sports, she makes an impression as Brabant’s jumping champion. “In our family we actually make a competition out of everything.”

As a former winner of the K-1 World MAX, Albert Kraus is a celebrity in Japan. In Oss, ‘The Hurricane’ has a (kick)boxing school where son Gradus learned the sport. Levana also regularly put on boxing gloves as a child. “I only lasted a few weeks at a time. Participating once was fun, but I have been crazy about horse riding since I was little.”

“I’ve never been afraid.”

And so not only Albert and Gradus’ sweaty sports clothes could be put in the washing machine at home, but also Levana’s riding clothes. “My grandfather used to be involved in equestrian sports, but neither of my parents rode. I was immediately sold when I started on a Shetland pony. I have never been afraid, no matter how big the horse is.”

“I’ve suffered a concussion and broken my collarbone, but I never once thought about quitting. Every time I quickly got back on my horse.”
“While when she fell off her bike as a child, she didn’t want to cycle again for a while,” says Albert.

Fear is not part of the Kraus family anyway. Albert: “I am never afraid when Gradus has to box. When he has his day, no one can beat him. I do have nerves with Levana. There are two of them and if the horse doesn’t want to, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“I’m super grumpy when I lose.”

De Osse won several prizes and was recently crowned Brabant champion. “I know the motto ‘participating is more important than winning’, but for me only winning counts. If I stay clear on the course in my category, then there is a very good chance that I will win thanks to the speed. This Brabant title leaves me wanting more, I would prefer to participate in major international competitions in the future. Horses regularly ride there that cost more than a hundred thousand, but that is no guarantee that you are the fastest.”

To reach the top, Levana is with her horse Kolkide every day. “She has a hot character, especially when she was pregnant. It was impossible for six months, she was a witch. She even kicked out part of a wall in the stable. After birth, it only took her a short time to get back into top shape. Kolkide has a lot of potential and always goes full throttle.”

“A television was broken during an Easter egg hunt.”

What Levana has certainly inherited from her father and brother who is four years older is the winning mentality. “No one in our family can handle losing, only my mother. I want to be the best at everything. With games, for example, in my work in disability care, but also in the past at school. And of course in sports, I am very grumpy when I lose.”

Albert: “With us everything is a sport. It could still be a competition to see who finishes their plate first. In the past, a television was even broken while looking for Easter eggs.”

Levana also participates in The Dutch Masters. The matches can be seen live on Omroep Brabant TV/web/app and Brabant+.

  • On Saturday, live broadcast of the spectacular derby for the Van Schijndel Bouwgroep Prijs, from 6.30 pm.
  • Live broadcast of the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping on Sunday from 3 p.m.
  • Sunday evening on Brabant+ a summary with all the highlights of the weekend.
The Kraus family, with Levana in the middle.
The Kraus family, with Levana in the middle.