The whole of the Netherlands crochets Christmas angels for Heidehiem residents: ‘It’s about the Christmas spirit’

The holidays are approaching again. For the residential care location Heidehiem in Emmen, it is, just like every year, time to make a small gift for the residents. But this year they took a different approach and reached out for help via Facebook. This appeal had a major impact and help came from an unexpected source.

The crochet club from New Amsterdam also came across the call. They didn’t have to think long, because helping to crochet Christmas angels was perfect for them. “We have been crocheting here in the library for a few hours every Thursday for two years, so we thought it would be fun to offer these Christmas angels as a group to Heidehiem,” says Hennie Bos, volunteer at Facet (former library).

“We always give the residents of Heidehiem a small gift during Christmas, this is often a small gift with something tasty. This year we had the idea of ​​giving all 120 residents a crocheted Christmas angel. But to crochet it all ourselves is a bit too much. “That’s why we called in help,” explains Janine Lander, who works at Heidehiem.

It didn’t stop at 120 Christmas angels, the crochet call has gone viral. “I had no idea, but it turned out great. We have now received 800 Christmas angels. Not only from Drenthe, but also from Brabant, Friesland and Gelderland! Apparently people think this is a very good cause and they are happy to donate their time to it,” Lander says proudly.

All residents can be provided with a crocheted Christmas angel, the other crocheted items are placed in a wish and thought tree. “We certainly make many residents happy with it,” says Lander. That puts a big smile on Bos’ face: “We made the Christmas angels with love and joy. We have been busy crocheting for two months, so we have put a lot of time into it.”

And it takes time, because the ladies sometimes spend a whole day making one Christmas angel with fine yarn. “But it’s about the Christmas spirit, then we have done something fun for a good cause,” says Bos.

All 100 Christmas angels that the crochet club made have now been handed over to Heidehiem and the residents will soon be surprised with them.