The Week of Drenthe: Schools started again and the province is arguing about nitrogen

The first full week of September is behind us. Which topics predominated in the Drenthe news in recent days? In De Week van Drenthe we list it.

The school holidays officially ended on Monday, marking the start of the new school year. How does the tourism sector look back on the past six weeks, which apparently were mainly wet? Marketing Drenthe expects that campsites in particular had a bad holiday period. At the same time, it was a good holiday time for some holiday entrepreneurs.

Not only the schools started up, the politicians in The Hague are also back from their recess. The signal for about a thousand northern healthcare workers, volunteers and informal caregivers to take action in The Hague on Tuesday. Just before the summer, it was announced that 700 million euros less will be available over the next five years than the healthcare sector had assumed. The healthcare staff presented a petition in the Hofstad, signed by thirty thousand supporters.

The conclusions of a study by the Society for Agriculture and Nature Foundation were discussed in the Provincial Council on Wednesday. BBB and PVV used this to convince the other parties that the policy on nitrogen and nature restoration must change.

A group of residents around Vrije School De Stroeten in Noordbarge do not have to count on a parking ban in their streets. The court in Groningen dashed those hopes. The plaintiffs wanted to enforce the measure with the municipality of Emmen in order to combat the nuisance caused by tin on the roadside. In vain, as it turns out.

Criminals who do things that are unacceptable through legal companies. That’s called undermining. It is a big problem in Hoogeveen. And the municipality is not doing enough about it. This is the conclusion of the Court of Audit after conducting research into organized crime in Hoogeveen. The findings were released on Friday.