The Week of Drenthe: Election pig in Valthermond and million to Meppel

It was the week of the House of Representatives elections, but the Drenthe news contained even more topics. Such as the E.coli bacteria, which appeared in the drinking water in part of Drenthe.

In chronological order we start with Monday, where residents of six postal codes in Aa en Hunze and Tynaarlo were discussed. Homeowners in areas with earthquake damage can recently take advantage of a new subsidy scheme to improve and make their home more sustainable. Previously, these postal codes in North Drenthe were excluded.

A day later we visited the far southwest of our province. Meppel will receive money to accelerate the construction of 82 homes. It concerns about 1 million euros. The money comes from the government and is intended for projects that might not go ahead because construction costs have risen sharply recently.

Wednesday was of course the day of the national elections, which will go down as a historic result for the PVV. But there was more; for example in Valthermond. Voters received a very special welcome at the polling station.

A day later it becomes clear that the PVV is the big winner. With 37 seats, the party has become by far the largest. Also thanks to the Drenthe voters. PVV became the largest in eleven of the twelve municipalities.

In the municipality of Emmen, 36 percent of voters voted for the PVV. Nieuw-Weerdinge is also located in that municipality, where there is a lot of nuisance from asylum seekers.

The E.coli bacteria surfaced on Friday. Drinking water company WMD discovered during an inspection that the bacteria were in the water. Residents are advised to first boil the water from the tap for three minutes.