Tuuri’s village store is flooded because of the heavy rains.

    Keskinen’s village shop in Tuuri is flooded. The reader’s video shows how it rains directly inside from the roof of one of the restaurants in the village store.

    Iltalehti reached village merchant Vesa Keskinen to comment on the situation.

    – Kyläkauppa’s rainwater system was unable to respond to the forces of nature. There was so much clean rainwater that it rushed out in a few places among the customers, Keskinen tells Iltalehte.

    According to the shopkeeper, water flooded several store departments and the Miljoona Rock restaurant. Keskinen says the restaurant will remain closed for the time being.

    – Otherwise, Kyläkauppa will continue to operate normally. Financial damages will be found out later. The flooding of a few cubic meters of rainwater inside Kyläkauppa is an insignificant problem compared to, for example, the fact that lightning ignited a house near the center of Alavude around the same time, which is still smoking.

    – Tomorrow is a new, drier day!

    The South Ostrobothnia rescue service tells Iltalehte that the village store was no longer flooded and there was no significant damage.

    The Alavatu fire station says that there was a few centimeters of water on the floor. Drying took about 1.5 hours.

    – Some water got on the floor. It has been vacuumed out of there, comments from the Alavude fire station.

    The village store in Tuuri is flooded. Pasi Liesimaa/IL