The Ukrainian Army modestly handles the withdrawal from Avdiivka and conspires to draw the lessons

Huge mud clubs They adhere permanently to the boots of the military of the 28th Brigade who hold this military position, in an unidentified location on the Bakhmut front, not far from the town of Konstantinivka, in Donbas under the control of the Ukrainian Government. Here, after going through a wet road and consciously sectioned by the armored vehicle tracksis spread out, among foliage, trees and camouflage netsa T-72 tank Soviet-made taken from the Russian Army a year agoa vehicle equipped with a 125 millimeter cannon who must go out to meet the Russian troops in the event that they try to overcome the recently conquered town of Avdiivka and advance towards the north. “Certainly, it is more difficult to defend yourself in open field than in an urban setting, but we have a job to do and we put aside our feelings“, reacts with professionalism Phoenixcommander of a tank unit.

Phoenixwho for security reasons prefers to keep his true identity a secret. name and last nameconsiders that the decision to withdraw, adopted by the Ukrainian authorities in the previous hours, is the correct onehighlighting that the town was indefensible due to the impossibility of keeping the supply lines. And, looking to the future, he calls on his country’s military commanders and their allies in the West to counteract with technology the disadvantage of going to war against a country like Russia, with human Resources very superior and governed by a totalitarian regime that lacks the limitations of a State with a powerful civil society. “In Russia there is no middle class, there are only the rich and the common people, who are the ones who are sent to war without being able to complain“he emphasizes.

At his side, Vyacheslav, 38, even finds reasons for optimism, and believes that his country’s armed forces are little by little gaining experience in this line, carrying out increasingly precise military actions at a distance through the use of drones, in operations that minimize the human casualties. “In this aspect we are much better than a year ago; now only a few moments pass between the moment when one of these flying devices identifies an objective and the moment to open fire,” he summarizes. Negotiate or give in to the current push of the russian troops It does not constitute any option for either of the two soldiers. “I shot myself first,” he adds. Phoenix.

Lecciones y mensaje


Rustem Umerov, ministro de Defensa en el Gobierno de Volodímir Zelenski, ha desgranado en un tuit las lecciones a asimilar para su Ejército de cara al futuro, que llevan además un mensaje implícito a los aliados occidentales: “Necesitamos modernos sistemas antiaéreos para que el enemigo no pueda utilizar las bombas de la aviación, también se necesitan sistemas de largo alcance para destruir los almacenamientos de munición enemigos, así como proyectiles de artillería”. Respecto a la necesidad de construir fortificaciones que impidan el avance ruso, Umerov ha constatado que es algo que se está “llevando a cabo y reforzando”. Calificando de “adecuada” la decisión de “salvar a gente“, el responsable gubernamental ha prometido volver: “Avdiivka, la recuperaremos”. Por su parte, el flamante comandante en jefe del Ejército, Oleksándr Syrskyi, ha rendido homenaje a la bravura de los combatientes ucranianos. “Nuestros soldados cumplieron con dignidad su obligación militar, hicieron lo posible por destruir lo mejor de las unidades rusas, causaron grandes pérdidas al enemigo en términos de poder militar y humano“, ha certificado.