“The tricks came to me because as a child, in Badia, I had too much free time”

How many Antonio Díaz will there be out there? Sergi Mas, host of the Català de l’Any gala, did not doubt for a moment that the person in front of him, sitting in a chair next to him on stage, was, for sure, Antonio Díaz himself, although he constantly plays deception . Mas himself, author of the EL PERIÓDICO podcast, confessed shortly before starting the event that he had been amazed since Saturday, when he first saw the Mago Pop show at the Victòria theater.

This time, at the Disseny Hub Barcelona, ​​Díaz, who usually does incredible things, did not do anything supernatural, if magic can be classified as that. What he did do was receive something complicated – for someone like him, “a lover of statistics as a chess player”, because I never thought about being a candidate to receive the EL PERIÓDICO award. “I had one chance in eight million because there are eight million people who also deserve this award,” said the magician at the beginning of an entertaining talk with Sergi Mas that received several laughs in response from the audience.

The Catalan illusionist, whom the conductor of the act also called a “monologist” and, affectionately, a “gymnast with a figure”confessed that, in case there were any doubts, he did have as a child the legendary Borràs Magic game. But, beyond that, that kid -already 37 years old- from Badia del Vallès, of an Andalusian mother and a Murcian father, explained another secret: “The tricks [de magia] are born because as a child from Badia I had too much free time.

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Mago Pop arrived at the gala with a minibus for part of his team (more than twenty people), for whom he had warm words of gratitude, many of whom were present yesterday. Special was the affection towards the now partner Mag Lari (director of his show ‘Nothing is Impossible’), the man who inspired a child Antonio Díaz when he saw him for the first time in Sant Quintí de Mediona, the town where the Català de l’Any 2023 spent the summer. “He is my professional reference, We work and dream together. He is Català de l’Any every day of the year,” said the illusionist from Badia del Vallès.

Although more than one expected it, the Pop Magician did not do any tricks last night. The role of surprising star was saved for himself by Sergi Mas, who with that particular comedic outlook promised a trick that was, at least, successful. He took out a deck of cards, asked the illusionist to show it to the audience, to sign it afterwards… And end of the trick. “It’s for me, it’s a memory, thank you. You won’t find it on Wallapop, I swear.”. Laughter in the room, laughter from a happy, excited and serene Antonio Díaz. “I love my job very much, I have made sacrifices, but like everyone, every day I go to work happy, it is a privilege to dedicate yourself to what you like,” he said before receiving the award. Super-successful magician, show businessman and, since yesterday, Català de l’Any to the pride of Badia del Vallès, and that child with too much free time.