The training routine of the 12-year-old “mini-Hulk” is astonishing – Father defends strict discipline

A 12-year-old bodybuilder trains many hours a day.

My own weight is 37 kilograms, but in the deadlift I gain 92 kilograms.

Dad’s assessment of the so-called “Mini-Hulk”. Cauzinho Neto the strength results are awesome. The youngster from Salvador, Brazil is 12 years old, but very interested in powerlifting and bodybuilding.

According to The Sun Cauzinho starts his day at 5:30 a.m. with a 4.8-kilometer run and abdominal exercises. After breakfast, he goes to school.

After school, it’s homework and the second workout of the day: 2.5 hours of crossfit.

My enthusiasm for bodybuilding started when my father Carlos Pitanga Filho took his offspring to the gym in 2021.

– He used to be crazy about football, but he wanted to know about crossfit. We agreed that he would be allowed to practice during the holidays at the end of the year and until the beginning of the next school year, the father tells The Sun.

– He was in a group that was adapted to his age and fitness level. After 15 days, Cauzinho was able to do moves that those who trained for months couldn’t.


If the image does not appear, you can look its here.

Cauzinho quickly learned more and entered an amateur weightlifting competition.

Now “Mini-Hulk” has 266,000 followers on Instagram. The Brazilian powerlifter frequently publishes videos of his strength training on the account.

Many of the commenters are worried about the effects of hard training on height growth. Some, on the other hand, praise the hobby.

– The intensity of training can hinder a child’s growth, one person commented with concern.

– If the parents help and the doctors follow him, then why not? another ponders.

According to the father, there is a whole team around the youngster, which includes a coach, a doctor, a physiotherapist and a nutritionist.

– I have been playing sports since I was 10 years old, and it hasn’t hindered my growth. I am 191 centimeters tall, my father commented.

– However, it is worrying. Experts monitor Cauzinho, anticipate potential problems and adjust his training.

Sports should not take up too much time. The parents condition is that the weekends are spent with friends instead of the gym.

If the video of the training is not visible, you can watch it its here.