The town with the most bars per inhabitant in Spain is in Huesca


11/04/2023 at 17:19


The podium is completed by Comillas (Cantabria) and Peñíscola (Castellón), according to the report ‘Blessed bars in data’

León occupies first place in the ranking by provinces

The pubs They are a heritage of Spain. Our country would not be the same without these hospitality establishments that shelter millions of people every day. Many citizens consider the neighborhood bar their own home where they live unforgettable moments with friends and acquaintances. Is almost impossible to find a Spaniard That, at least, go to a bar less than once a week to have a drink, from a simple coffee to a beer with a traditional tortilla skewer.

The Coca Cola It is another of the star drinks of bars. The popular brand has made together with the Spanish Hospitality Federation (FEHR) an x-ray of the bar sector in Spain. ‘Blessed bars in data’ It has served to publicize that in our country there are a total of 101,397 bars, which means that there are 2.8 for every thousand inhabitants. Furthermore, the study indicates that the hospitality industry represents the 7.4% of the National GDP and employs 1.6 million workers.

This report has served to know that Sallent de Gállego in the province of Huesca It is the town in Spain with the most bars per inhabitant. This small Pyrenean town at the foot of the Lanuza Reservoir has 15.7 bars per 1,000 inhabitants. It should be remembered that according to data from the National Statistics Institute in 2022, Sallent de Gállego It has a total population of 1,557 inhabitants.

The charms of the town of Huesca are well known to all Aragonese. A few kilometers from Sallent is Aramón-Formigal Panticosa while the town celebrates the Southern Pyrenees Festival. In its urban area, the square, the 16th century Gothic style church and its medieval bridge stand out.

The podium of the towns with the most bars in Spain per inhabitant it is completed by Comillas (Cantabria) and Peñíscola (Castellón). In the top-10 of the entire country there is also another Alto Aragonese town such as Benasque has 9.4 bars per 1,000 inhabitants. The town of Huesca has many charms and is even currently competing to be the protagonist of the Christmas advertisement of Ferrero Rocher.

Moving on to the provinces with the most bars per 1,000 inhabitants, the first three are part of Castilla y León and are neighbors. León occupies first place (3.5), Salamanca second (3.4) and Zamora third (3.4).