The top athlete was accused of hard substances – Accused of a brazen cheating: “One of the biggest scandals ever”

Sara Benfares was caught doping.

Sara Benfares has represented the German national team in prestigious competitions. PDO

German middle distance runner Sara Benfares was accused of using prohibited substances at the end of January.

Epo and testosterone were found in Benfares’, 22, a sample.

According to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, Benfares’ father Samir Benfares claims that substances were found in the runner’s body because he was given cancer treatments for bone cancer. According to the father, treatments have been given for almost a year and the substance has entered the runner’s body in connection with chemotherapy.

Sara Benfares has still competed normally and has not reported her cancer to the German Athletics Federation. The cancer came to the fore only after the positive doping sample came to light.

On January 23, Sara Benfares posted pictures of the hospital and her recovery on her Instagram account. He has also published pictures from different competitions before telling his followers about the cancer.

– This has been my daily life for a year. Although I have been feeling better for the past month, the results have been poor. I am tired of justifying my treatments to the authorities, Sara Benfares wrote in the publication.

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In Germany, the cancer explanation is viewed with suspicion.

Sister of Sara Benfares Sofia Benfares19, was also caught using banned substances for the same hormones as her sister.

German doping expert Fritz Sörgel describes the Benfares’ “family house of cards has collapsed”.

– Doping can be a big punishment, but if it turns out that Sara Benfares has lied about her cancer, then this will be one of the biggest doping scandals ever. Faking cancer hurts the hundreds of thousands of people who suffer from cancer. I think that kind of cheating is worse than doping, Sörgel thundered for Sport1.

The German anti-doping agency Nada has made a criminal complaint about the doping findings of the runners.

The runners were also allowed to leave the club they represented.

– We are very worried. We support the fight against doping and clean and fair sports. This left a big mark on us, Sports Director of the German Athletics Federation Jörg Bügner said to Sport1.

The Benfares sisters were Germany’s hopes for next summer’s Paris Olympics. Sara Benfares finished 12th in the 500 meters at the European Championships the other year. Sofia Benfares, on the other hand, won bronze at last year’s under-20 European Championships.