The time that Amsterdam students are on the waiting list for a room is often longer than the study itself

Anyone who puts themselves on a waiting list at social student housing providers in Amsterdam must wait an average of five years before they can get a room there. At that time, students may have already obtained a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.

This is evident from research by, which published about it today. According to the news site, you only have to wait longer for a room in Leiden, Delft and Eindhoven. Waiting times have increased considerably in recent years because students who are ready cannot find new accommodation and remain seated.

This is also happening in Amsterdam: AT5 reported in November last year about so-called ghost students who complete their studies, but do not collect their diploma, which means they are still officially students.

University newspaper Notice board also conducted research into waiting times at student housing providers in November. The newspaper came to the conclusion that in Amsterdam you have to be on the waiting list for almost 4.5 years. In Amstelveen it takes a year longer before it is your turn.