“The Three ???”: Guest role for Grobi speaker from “Sesame Street”

Karl-Ulrich Meves, who usually lends his voice to Grobi, is returning to the radio play series “The Three ???” after over 40 years.

Voice actor Karl-Ulrich Meves will take on a role in the detective radio play series “The Three ???”. Most people know the 95-year-old as the German voice of Grobi from “Sesame Street”. Meves has voiced the blue monster since 1973. This appears in various sketches in different jobs, but often as a waiter in Charlie’s restaurant. Grobi’s trademark is that, despite his great enthusiasm, he is not particularly good at his job.

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Karl-Ulrich Meves returns to “The Three ???”.

Now Meves is supposed to take part in “The Three ???” – again. He is no stranger to the investigative universe. Already in eight other episodes he was heard. In the very first episode of the radio play series, “The Super Parrot,” he played the role of Ramos Gomez in 1979. Most recently he lent his voice to client Horace Tremayne in “The Magic Circle” in 1981.

“The Three ???” director Heikedine Körting confirmed, according to “Spiegel,” that she was in conversation with Meves. “He will definitely be cast in the next ‘Question Mark’ episode where there is a suitable role for him,” she said. “Yes, he’s looking forward to it and I’m incredibly excited too.” The initial spark for Meves’ renewed participation in the detective stories is his return to Hamburg. The fact that he once left the Hanseatic city was also the reason for his departure in the 1980s. “Traveling here used to be a bit more difficult,” commented Körting.

Karl-Ulrich Meves himself was recently on the podcast “Hashimite Prince – The Bobcast” listen. In this, Bob Andrews spokesman Andreas Fröhlich dedicates himself to the “The Three ???” series, which now has more than 200 episodes. In this conversation, the renewed collaboration between Meves and the radio play label Europa was initiated.