After a close fight for the rating, “Sing with me now” the El Trece reality show hosted by Marcelo Tinelli, managed to overcome the great start of “Who is the mask” (Telefe), its direct competitor, and not only recovered but also ended up benefiting from the resounding drop in the rating of the program hosted by Natalia Oreiro. To such an extent that the Tinelli program has already announced a second one for the last two months of the year.

    Despite the fact that Tinelli’s reality show had not been achieving the coveted two-digit rating (it debuted with 15.7 points and then fell to an average of 9.6), the truth is that its main competitor, “Who is the mask”, suffered a resounding fall that ended up benefiting “Sing with me now”: the program hosted by Natalia Oreiro had started with a resounding 18 points and is currently tied with Tinelli’s program.

    Although the rating is below what was stipulated, the fact that the competition is in the same average generates some tranquility in El Trece, because, in addition, brands would be entering to advertise within the space of “Sing with me now” that excite to the point de, after announcing the end of the current cycle for October 11, they have already enabled the driver to advance with what will be a second season of the cycle that would begin.

    Being a television man for decades, Tinelli analyzed the competition and the way ratings are currently measured. “Today you have to permanently reset, I would tell you that the reset is not like before that you did it every 10 years, today it is daily and you have to learn permanently. Today many platforms coexist, between Telefe and El Trece they share 80% of what that is being seen and there is a lot of competition, many news signals measure as air channels”, said the driver in “Just in case”.

    One of the errors that they would mark about the Telefe product was not having maintained the format that the program has in other countries, where it is a weekly product and not a daily one as it was tried to do in Argentina. And this mistake that ended up indirectly benefiting Tinelli will seek to be patched up. Without going any further, “Who is the mask” would cease to be a daily and the release of “Big Brother” would be brought forward to try to repair the error and regain absolute leadership.

    by RN

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