The sun gave birth to the telethon

Smith was seen in Teletapit episodes as the sun between 1997 and 2003.

Jessica “Jess” Smith, who played the giggling sun of TV shows, has had her first child together with her boyfriend by Ricky Latham with.

Smith and Latham’s child is a girl. The child was born in January.

Smith has shared excerpts from the baby bubble and the first moments of the first child on his Instagram account.

Jess Smith’s Instagram account reveals that the daughter’s name is Poppy Rae Latham. According to some references, the daughter’s middle name refers to Smith’s role as the Sun of the Teletubbies.

Smith revealed on social media in 2014 that she is the giggly sun baby of the hit children’s show of the 2000s. Smith was seen in Teletapit episodes between 1997 and 2003.

Smith has previously said in public that until his student days he hid his role as a sun baby.

Smith was nine months old when he got the role. During filming, her father waved a teddy bear, which made her giggle happily for the camera.

Smith was paid just under $300 for his role. In addition, he was bribed with toys.

In 2014, more episodes of the Teletapit program were ordered. In the new episodes, you will be seen as a giggling sun baby Berrya child named

Jess Smith said in the 2010s that she is the sun of Teletappi. PDO