The Streamers’ Christmas party raises 1.3 million for War Child | Show

By Flappie until Guardian Angelby Santa Claus is coming to town until Anton from Tyrol and from Fix You until A little something for the atmosphere, there is no lack of variety on Tuesday evening in the Winter Efteling. The Streamers gave their second Christmas concert there in 2021 after the premiere. Just like then without an audience, especially for viewers at home. It was a cheerful show that earned War Child 1.3 million euros in donations.

The only one who didn’t really seem to be having a good time on stage on Tuesday evening in Kaatsheuvel wore a large black hat. Comedian Youp van ‘t Hek managed to remain frozen in the midst of about thirty swinging musicians and artists. Not that he was a guest at the wrong party; the comedian performed his Christmas classic Flappie live, on piano accompanied by Paul de Munnik. Symbolically, that was also the first of the few moments when things did not go completely smoothly; Van ‘t Hek’s first words could not be heard in the living room.

© The Streamers

Apart from the somewhat sullen grand artist, the colorful collection of artists, including Bizzey, Emma Heesters, Acda and de Munnik and VanVelzen, radiated a lot of fun during the full two hours. With a great band as a basis (including horn section), the Streamers blasted out more than 35 songs at a killer pace. It ranged from Christmas classics like Do they know it’s Christmas, Lonely Christmas and All I want for Christmas is you to hits like Staying the night, It’s raining sun rays, Sexy when I dance and Adrenaline.

With Heesters and the Flemish Pommelien Thijs as vocal standouts and another comedian, Jochem Myjer, as one of the driving forces, the artists doubled the amount for charity during the show. Almost 650,000 euros had already been raised in advance for War Child, which will donate the money to children who are victims of (the consequences of) war violence.

Youp van 't Hek sings Flappie, Paul de Munnik accompanies him on the piano
Youp van ‘t Hek sings Flappie, Paul de Munnik accompanies him on the piano © The Streamers

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Viewers at home could order the tickets for free, but with the option to donate. During the livestream, which was followed by more than a million people spread across about 75 countries, a QR code was constantly visible for donations.

The Streamers performed three times in the Gelredome last fall, then for an audience. With the show in the Winter Efteling, the collective founded by Guus Meeuwis, Kraantje Pappie and Frank Lammers went back to the basics with which it started in corona times. All artists performed selflessly on Tuesday evening.

Guus Meeuwis: ‘We couldn’t end 2023 in a better way’

“Wow, what an evening! I am short of superlatives about this beautiful concert by The Streamers,” War Child director Ernst Suur said in a response. “The power of music this evening, which connects us and touches our emotions, is the core of our work. With this amount we can help many more children all over the world and that is needed more than ever.”

“We are extremely happy and proud that we have raised this enormous amount for War Child,” says co-founder Guus Meeuwis of The Streamers. “We couldn’t end 2023 in a better way, it was a joy to do this together with all those people at home tonight.”

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