The strange shirt of the Netflix star caught plenty of glimpses of the cameras: Damage or style choice?

The stars of the Netflix series Selling Sunset are known for their unusual and revealing clothing choices.

Chrishell Stause is a well-known reality star and stylist. PDO

Netflix’s most popular Selling Sunset -reality show’s real estate agents often appear in public in very skimpy and flashy outfits. It’s like their trademark.

The star of the show, Chrishell Stause, was caught filming in Hollywood Selling Sunset – program’s new season. Chrishell again wore the show’s typical slinky outfit with high heels. A very special collared shirt open on the back and sides revealed a surprising amount to the cameras.

In the situation, Chrishell hugged her friend in front of the cameras and the shirt completely revealed the star’s chest on the side. It was just a hair’s breadth that the cameras didn’t record more.

Chrishell’s shirt accidentally flashed. PDO

As you can see from the pictures, when wearing the shirt, you can hardly raise your hands without flashing.

However, Chrishell seemed to move very confidently and confidently in his shirt, so it could also be a very bold style choice.

Chrishell’s shirt cannot be called practical. PDO

In this position of the hands, the shirt fit the reality star beautifully. PDO

Chrishell Stause previously dated her boss from the show. Since then Chrishell realized that he is also interested in women and today he enjoys being a musician G FLIPwith .