The social media favored by young people is now causing friction between China and the USA

Tiktok’s CEO, who was heard at the congress, received a lot of criticism. The Chinese government has defended the ultimatums against the company.

Tiktok is suspected of spying on Americans. Jonathan Raa/NurPhoto/Shutterstock

CEO of Tiktok Shou Zi Chew was heard by the United States Congress on Thursday. In a meeting called the barbecue of all times, the parties could not reach an agreement. The hearing lasted a total of five hours. Reported about it Reuters.

Tiktok and the United States did not reach an agreement. Reuters/UNRESTRICTED POOL

The president is behind the hearing Joe Biden the administration’s ultimatums to the company. If the Chinese ownership of the application were to be given up, Tiktok, which is especially popular among young people, could be completely banned in the country.

China’s Ministry of Commerce stated that it opposes the US demands. According to the ministry, forcing Tiktok to change ownership would cause global harm to investors’ trust in the United States.

Tiktok is an application owned by the Chinese technology company Bytedance. The app has more than 150 million American users.

Hand-wringing about technical and financial leadership

According to Congress, the Chinese government has power over the app, and thus also over its American users. According to Congress, Tiktok’s short videos could also cause harm to children’s mental health.

of the New York Times according to, in addition to security concerns, it is a hand-wringing between the Biden administration and the Chinese government for technological and economic leadership.

Numerous experts around the world have stated that the application poses a security risk. According to experts, the user data collected by Tiktok could possibly end up in the hands of the Chinese government. In this case, the data of the application also has a political value.

A Florida Republican representative raises questions about the app’s child safety. Rod Lamkey – CNP / MEGA

There was little defense for Tiktok in the hearing. In addition to the security claims, the accusations stated that the application causes eating disorders in children, promotes the sale of drugs and enables sexual abuse.

– Tiktok could be designed to minimize harm to children. Despite this, it has been decided to make children very dependent (on the app) for the sake of profit, the Democrat representative Kathy Castor said in his speech.

Congress is grilling

CEO Chew, who has a Singaporean background, denied numerous claims by Congress about the app’s ties to the Chinese government. According to him, the application does not share the data it collects with the Chinese Communist Party.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated in its press conference on Friday that the Chinese administration has never required companies to hand over foreign data. According to the ministry, the United States is trying to suppress the company’s operations with its accusations.

CEO Chew listens to what Congress has to say. Stella Pictures

In his speech, Chew assured that Tiktok strives to do everything possible to secure the data security of its American users. The company has invested $1.5 billion to secure Americans’ data. The data is managed by the American technology company Oracle.

– The data of Americans is stored on American soil, managed by an American company whose management is American, Chew said.

Content producers are worried about a possible ban. The Democratic congressman spoke about freedom of speech together with the content producers gathered outside the congress. Stella Pictures

of the New York Times according to the company had flown numerous content producers to Washington for press conferences. On Tuesday, Chew had asked the company on the official Tiktok channel users to share their opinions about the good aspects of the application.