The sky burns by Christian Petzold: the review by Paolo Mereghetti

Type: existential-creative drama
Direction: Christian Petzold. With Thomas Schubert, Paula Beer, Enno Trebs, Langston Uibel, Matthias Brandt, Jennipher Antoni, Ralph Barnebeck

“Anatomy of a Fall”, the winning film of Cannes 2023 is released in cinemas

The fifty-year-old German director Christian Petzold seems to want to put himself on the line telling of Leon, a young novelist who retreats with a photographer friend to an isolated house near the sea to reread his manuscript while waiting to meet his editor.

But A family friend, Nadja, also moved into the housewho not only disturbs the peace of the place with his sexual prowess (he has his eye on a muscular lifeguard), but also turns out to be a lucid literary criticism. Placing Leon even more in crisis, who proves to be a prisoner of his own narcissism and the desire to grab a success that continues to elude him.

Paula Beer and Thomas Schubert in “The Sky Burns” (photo Christian Schulz/Schrammfilm/Piffl Medien).

It’s impossible not to see in the protagonist almost a mirror of the director, forced to deal with the issues of public expectations and the creative crisis (as in 8 1/2?) but also with an outside world that doesn’t move as he would like and that interferes with his plans, where even a forest fire (the “red sky” of the original title: Roter Himmel) forces him to rethink his work. Thus forcing him to deal with that reality that he wanted to remove and which will prove to be full of many surprises.

For those who want to discover the leader of the brand new German cinema.