The skater cut his throat open in the rink – Shocking messages for the player

Matt Petgrave is under attack on social media.

Canadian ice hockey player Matt Petgrave31, has had to by Adam Johnson subject to hate mail after death.

29-year-old Johnson died in a match in the English EIHL league on Saturday. Petgrave lost his balance on the ice, causing his left leg to swing and the blade of the skate to cut Johnson in the neck.

Johnson died from his injuries.

The situation was immediately described as a terrible accident, but since then some users on X (formerly Twitter) have started to claim that Petgrave acted on purpose. Some accuse the puck player of an outright crime, demanding that he be punished under criminal law.

Many of the messages are racist in tone.

– The most intentional high kick I’ve ever seen. Matt Petgrave should be banned and jailed, one claims.

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Matt Petgrave has received hate feedback. PDO

Many have defended Petgrave, saying it was an accident and bad luck.

– It was a tragic accident. The horrible trolling needs to stop, The Telegraph supporter interviewed Tina Taylor said.

– I saw the video. I don’t see how anyone can say that Matt Petgrave caused Adam Johnson’s death on purpose. Hate feedback is disgusting, another supporter commented.

South Yorkshire Police launched an investigation into the accident.


Supporters gathered to mourn Johnson in Nottingham. PDO

Nottingham Panthers supporters brought flowers, cards and jerseys to the team’s home arena on Sunday in memory of Johnson. Assistant coach Kevin Moore thanks everyone for the support.

– We will recover over time together. We appreciate you coming out here to show your support,” Moore said.

It has been hoped on social media that Petgrave’s club Sheffield Steelers will take care of their player who was shocked by the incident. Canadian defender Petgrave is playing his second season with the Steelers.

Johnson played his first season in England. The American was part of the Pittsburgh Penguins organization from 2018 to 2020. In the NHL, 13 games were accumulated over two seasons.

Flowers were brought in front of the Panthers’ home arena in Johnson’s memory. PDO