“The situation today is not perfect, but the gangsters are not in the government”

The Government has revolted this Wednesday before the multiple criticisms received from the right-wing opposition parties for the dismissal of the director of the National Intelligence Center (CNI), Paz Esteban. Cuca Gamarra, spokesperson for the PP, has affirmed in her face to face with Pedro Sánchez that she has turned the former head of the spies into the “scapegoat” to “meekly” comply with the demands of her pro-independence partners and try to calm them down for espionage to 18 of its leaders. Gamarra has stated that Sánchez is “degrading politics”. “With you they are stronger [Oriol] Junqueras, [Carles] Puigdemont… They don’t want Alberto Núñez Feijóo, they want you. They do not choose him for his worth, they want him for his weakness”, he added. In his response, Sánchez broadly admitted failures in his own management, but he looked in the rearview mirror and reminded the PP of the Gurtel, the patriotic police and the ‘Operation Kitchen’, the plan of the Government of Mariano Rajoy to steal information from Luis Bárcenas about the irregular financing of the conservative party.

“It will soon be four years since the motion of censure. What country are we in?” the Prime Minister asked himself rhetorically. “In Catalonia a unilateral declaration of independence had been approved, there was a government with a party condemned for corruption, with a general secretary of the PP and defense minister who destroyed the evidence with a hammer. parapolice structure to persecute adversaries irregularly [en referencia a la policía patriótica]. And Spain in Europe counted as a zero to the left. The situation today is not perfect, but let us recognize that today the Constitution is fulfilled throughout the territory of Spain, that the gangsters are not in the Government as it was when you were in the Government”.

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Sánchez has also referred to ‘Operation Kitchen’ in his response to the Ciudadanos spokesman, Edmund Ball, to remind him that it was his government after the motion of censure against Mariano Rajoy that had to declassify documentation at the request of the justice system to investigate the vigilante structure. “Thanks to that the former interior minister [Jorge Fernández Díaz] and the former Secretary of State for Security [Francisco Martínez] They’re processed.”

Continuing with this argument, the head of the Executive has emphasized that, on this occasion, upon discovering the “clear flaw” in the security of his communications due to the ‘hacking’ of his own cell phone and that of the ministers Margarita Robles and Fernando Grande-Marlaska, what he has done is “put a criminal act in the hands of justice.” “What are you telling me as a State attorney, that I have to cover up a crime? This is not that government, it was a previous one,” Sánchez concluded.