By Axel Lier

    What happens when the lights go out in the capital? When gas stations and supermarkets close. Heaters fail because the electricity is off?

    Will there be unrest among Berliners, will there be looting?

    Nobody can say for sure. What is certain, however, is that the police want to be prepared for the state of emergency!

    Experts from the LKA and the state police headquarters have therefore been writing a secret paper on the “energy crisis” for months. A spokesman for the authorities explains: “The Berlin police are focusing on the probability of certain reactions occurring.” The aim is to be able to act quickly and effectively to protect the population in a “possible emergency”.

    As the BZ learned, the concept – in connection with possible “restrictions in the energy supply” – is divided into three escalation levels.

    ► Phase 1: Increase in price

    “The scenario is already taken for granted,” it says. The draft assumes, among other things, that there will be demonstrations and rallies in which displeasure will be expressed.

    ► Phase 2: Shortage

    According to the experts, this could actually happen in the coming months: energies such as electricity and gas will be rationed. It will only be possible to heat, cook and take a warm shower at certain times. Another problem for the fire brigade: people are starting to use fire to heat their homes – this increases the risk of fire considerably.

    The police, on the other hand, must be on stand-by around the clock. Emergency generators, satellite cell phones and filled (mobile) tanks for motor vehicles must be available. The queries to all properties are currently in full swing.

    ► Phase 3: Failure

    In the paper, the police assume a “partial failure” of the energy supply. But if the so-called blackout is there, looting, unrest and attacks on the critical infrastructure can be expected. ATMs are out of order, trains and trams are left standing on open routes, mobile phone networks are failing.

    A police spokesman: “Based on the three scenarios, the crime situation, the gathering events and the general behavior of the population are considered and the need for police action is derived from this.”

    The anti-chaos paper is currently being coordinated within the authorities. According to BZ information, it should be completed by the end of the month at the latest and submitted to the authorities.