The Russian World Cup medalist’s career ended in a complete farce – “I embarrassed myself”

Nikita Porshnev was thinking about the last race of his career.

Nikita Porshnev got a taste of success in the Russian relay team. PDO

Russian biathlete Nikita Porshnev has decided to end his sports career at the age of 27.

He announced his decision after the Russian Cup sprint race on Friday. According to Porshnev, the idea was born already in the second summer, when he and his wife had their first child.

– I understand how difficult it is for my wife to be alone with the child. I want to help him. That’s why I made this decision a long time ago. I just couldn’t tell about it.

Porshnev last competed in the World Cup in the 2021–22 season, when he achieved one podium place on individual trips. The highlight of the Russian’s career was relay silver at the World Championships in Östersund in 2019.

The farewell competition went completely wrong for the man, because the 20-minute time penalty received from the shooting place dropped him to 108th place.

Porshnev arrived at the standing shooting with a smile on his face and started shooting, but the spots did not fall. It soon became clear that it was not a matter of passing shots. Porshnev had forgotten to load the cartridges into his gun.

– It happened because I wasn’t thinking about sports, but about family, he explained his special mistake.

– I skied without problems, but I embarrassed myself in the day’s competition. I apologize for that.