The Russian army team in a difficult situation – Stars to the salary cutter

The salaries of SKA’s players will be cut.

SKA players’ salaries will be cut. PDO

Russian of Sport-Express magazine at least ten SKA players will sign a new deal with the club, where the salary is lower than before.

The names are supposed to be entered into the contract papers in the near future.

According to Sport-Express, SKA previously exceeded the salary cap of 900 million rubles (8.7 million euros at the current exchange rate) by 170 million rubles, or about 1.6 million euros.

Now a few players are also leaving the club so that the Russian army team can get under the salary cap.

In addition to Russians and Belarusians, SKA also has a Swedish goalkeeper Johan Mattsson as well as a Canadian striker Brendan Leipsic.

The KHL season starts on September 1. with last spring’s final replay ZSKA–Ak Bars Kazan.

ZSKA is the reigning champion.