The RFEF denies irregularities with Rubiales’ home

11/14/2022 at 23:57


“It is completely false that the RFEF paid any amount (…) that had not been authorized by the General Assembly,” he said in a statement.

‘El Mundo’ and ‘El Confidencial’ today accused the president of having misappropriated a housing aid of three thousand euros

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) came out again after the accusations by ‘El Mundo’ and ‘El Confidencial’ of alleged irregularities in the housing aid it received Luis Rubiales as president of the organization. “It is completely false that the RFEF paid any amount to the president of the RFEF for housing that had not been duly authorized by the General Assembly”, the RFEF stated in its note.

“It is completely false that there was any anomaly in their wages during any month, as stated in the IGAE Report, which for its preparation did not request any additional documentation to the minimum requested by the Prosecutor’s Office to the RFEF. The RFEF will accredit before the competent Judge the complete legality of all the payments made”, she then added.

Likewise, the RFEF indicated that “the approach made by the IGAE and similarly applied to identical situations would make irregular all aid from the State or from companies for housing to displaced workers who were entitled to said aid when they had been in their home for more than 186 days. new destination or even register in the new destination population, for example to be able to enroll their children in school. It is contrary to the most basic common sense and the usual practice of all administrations and all companies, what the IGAE affirms in its report. It comes to affirm that the worker would lose said right to help when he had been in his new destination for 186 days.

Finally, the federal entity wanted to reiterate “that the report contains obvious errorswhich may be due to the fact that the IGAE not only does not have the competence to analyze private agreements of private entities using exclusively private funds, but also that it does not have the complete documentation as we have previously commented since it has not requested it”.

The RFEF “reiterates the complete trust in Justice and in the possibility of being able to demonstrate in a complete way and with all the available documentation the errors of the report to which the medium alludes”.