The return of Andrew Howe, former child prodigy: who he is and his exploits

The early records, the feat of Osaka with the world silver, the many injuries, the difficulty in confirming himself, the TV and the desire of the former child prodigy to take back his world

38, his years. 14, the months without competitions. 7.32, the measurement of the long jump obtained in Siena by what is still the Italian record holder in the discipline. 8.47, this is the measurement of the record, achieved in Osaka on 30 August 2007, when he became vice world champion. 22, the age he was then. 16, the years that have passed since that record. 2024, the year of the European Championships in Rome, the goal he has set. To talk about Andrew Howe’s return we must start from the numbers, they serve to measure the distance between a before and an after and – perhaps – to find an answer to this sensational choice to get back into the game, for the passion that burns inside him and for everything what still remains to be jumped, until sand do us part.