The Red Bull boss went public: “I deny all the accusations”

Red Bull boss Christian Horner admitted the commotion around him was disrupting the team’s operations.

Christian Horner doesn’t think he will get any punishment. ZumaWire / MVPHOTOS

Red Bull team manager Christian Horner denies that he was guilty of improper conduct.

– Naturally, I completely deny all the accusations. I am involved in finding out this matter and I hope that we will reach a conclusion very quickly, said the Briton for Sky Sports.

Horner appeared in front of the media for the first time since the uproar over his behavior began when Red Bull unveiled its 2024 F1 car in Milton Keynes.

The team manager expects that the investigation will not lead to punishments.

– I trust that. If I didn’t do that, I wouldn’t be here.

He could not comment on what kind of behavior the allegations concerned or what situation they relate to. Instead, he acknowledged that the commotion has certainly had some effect on the team’s preparation for next week’s tests and the upcoming F1 season.

– Inevitably this has been a distraction, but we are a very united team, Horner said.

– We are very focused on the competition. I’m already looking forward to being in Bahrain next week and seeing how the RB20 (new car) performs.

Horner’s accusations are being investigated by Red Bull’s Austrian umbrella organization. The British team responsible for F1 operations is therefore not involved in the investigation.

He was interviewed about the case last week, and Red Bull is expected to announce any decisions soon.

The debate over Horner’s position is suspected to be related to a power struggle within Red Bull. Deceased principal owner Dietrich Mateschitz regarded the F1 team as one of the crown jewels of his empire, but his followers may not have the same positive image of motorsport.

– We have always received incredible support from shareholders. I wouldn’t be here without it, Horner thanked.

Relationship with the sports director on the parent company’s payroll Helmut Markoon not a problem either.

– There is always speculation about it, but we are together in this team. This is how it has been and this is how it will be.