The rain is getting less, but still no prospect of warm and sunny spring weather

A transition to warm and sunny spring weather is not yet possible in April either, Weeronline reports.

“The chance of precipitation decreases sharply and the sun comes out more often, but it is chilly at the beginning of the month,” says meteorologist Jaco van Wezel. Later in the month, beautiful spring days with maxima of 15 degrees or more seem to be possible.

So anyone who had hoped to take a seat on a sunny terrace in the near future will have to be patient. In the first half of April, the wind usually blows from the north or east, bringing in fresh air. At the beginning of the month it will be a maximum of 9 to 12 degrees.

At night about 4 degrees is normal, but this year it can still freeze occasionally. “From the Easter weekend, the afternoon temperature will be a bit higher, if all goes well, from a normal 11 degrees on the Wadden to 14 in the southeast. But the weather models are not yet in agreement on this,” says Van Wezel.

Spring feeling

On April 1 it is still wet, but after that dry weather prevails and there are sunny periods. “The spring feeling can come out of the wind and in the sun,” says Van Wezel. With sun power 4, an unprotected ‘winter skin’ can burn within 30 to 60 minutes. It doesn’t matter that it’s fresh. The temperature has no influence on the solar power. “However, fresh weather will still prevent many people from walking around in shorts and a T-shirt.”

No deviations from the climate average are expected in the second half of April. There is no pronounced warm spring weather, but the average temperature is a lot higher than earlier in the month. At the end of April we can normally count on 14 degrees in the northwest to 18 in the southeast. On a somewhat warmer day, the temperature can peak once towards 20 degrees. A normal amount of precipitation is expected, which means that it is often dry and sunny.