The Queen’s Folk Festival will be huge

The whole of London is messed up on June 5th.

Everyone is allowed to celebrate the Queen in June. AOP

The 70th anniversary of the rise of Queen Elizabeth, 96, is currently being celebrated.

The celebration began on a small scale on February 6, the seventieth anniversary of the coronation. Among other things, the Queen received a large pile of greeting cards and letters from citizens. The children remembered him especially with the drawings. Cake was also tasted at Buckingham Palace.

Bigger, even four-day parties are planned for June.

They start on June 5 with the bells ringing at Westminster Abbey.

Then comes the huge folk festival that fills London’s The Mall.

At first we see a military parade that has already been pre-described as one of the largest in history. Among other things, there are 200 horses and 1,750 soldiers.

Key moments from the Queen’s life as well as her personal interests are presented to the people in the form of a play. The play will certainly include the wedding of Queen and Prince Philip as well as the coronation and love of animals. Corges and horses will be seen.

Ed Sheeran, among others, will perform at the folk festival. Jeremy Irons, Bill BaileyGok Wan and even the British children’s television fox character, Basil Brush.

Of course, a special cupcake has been designed to celebrate the Queen’s anniversary. AOP

Dancers and acrobats, among others, will also be seen at the festivities on the fifth day. There will be movable stages and sets, as all the splendor runs from end to end of The Mall.

The royal family is likely to see Buckingham Palace on the balcony flashing.

The event is televised and is estimated to be watched by millions of people.

Citizens are urged to celebrate the Queen’s seven decades in power on the streets of London in the fashions of a bygone era. Now if ever there’s a good reason to dig into the wardrobe of your wardrobe even a 60’s dress or a great hat!

The queen cut the cake back in February. AOP

In addition to the folk festival, the festivities also accommodate the Queen’s more private occasions.

Britain has never had such a long-time ruler before. Elizabeth was only 25 years old when she inherited the crown when her father, George VI, died.

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