Sandy and Muick hated the tiara.

    Queen Elizabeth II, who died in September, was known as a great lover of dogs. Corgis in particular were close to his heart.

    Elisabet got her first corgi at the age of 18 and had more than 30 representatives of this breed during her life.

    A scarf on the queen’s head told the dogs to go for a walk. Photo from 1984. PDO

    Two corgis, Sandy and Muick, missed their owner. On the day of the Queen’s funeral, they were immortalized in the grounds of Windsor Castle near the funeral procession. Did the dogs sense that the queen was on her last journey? It could very well be, because these are pretty smart guys, at least the writer by Caroline Perry by.

    Perry has published a book The Corgi and the Queenin which he says that the dogs, for example, recognized the queen’s headdresses.

    – When the queen entered the corgis’ room with a tiara on her head, the dogs fell to the floor looking really sad. They knew that the Queen was going to some official function.

    – But when the queen came with a scarf on her head, the dogs jumped, barked and rushed to the door. They knew the queen was on vacation at the time and was going to take her dog out, Perry says.

    It’s funny about the author that you could read the dogs’ sign language so directly.

    – They were like, ‘No, that tiara again’.

    The Queen took good care of her dogs. Among other things, he monitored their diet and filled each dog’s own Christmas stocking every year.

    Muick and Sandy on the day of the Queen’s funeral. PDO

    Source: People