Evert Santegoeds cannot resist giving a sneer to Gordon now that the entertainer is back on social media for a week. “He’s in the Maldives? Well, I wasn’t upset about that.”

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    Gordon proves once again that he provokes almost all reporting about himself in the media. He hasn’t been active on Instagram lately, which led to a dramatic drop in headlines about him. Now Gordon is back on the socials for a week, in his own words to promote some TV shows, and he immediately gets all the media again.

    Gordon back again

    Gordon says he likes it well without social media. “Just a sign of life. I really like living without Instagram or other social media pollution. Do it too! Get it off your phone anyway and notice that your life changes zero and you actually get a lot more time for other things,” he says.

    He continues: “Get out of the rat race and only use it for work or other things unrelated to your private life. I’m back on Insta for a week to promote my programs Down the Road (January 3) and Kookklunzen (December 8) and a nice promo trip to the Maldives where I just arrived!”

    ‘It goes well’

    Apparently, Gordon has arranged a sponsored trip to the Maldives and has to report on it on social media. He concludes his message as follows: “I hope you have missed me a bit! This old boss is doing well!”

    That last comment finds Telegraaf star reporter Jordi Versteegden strange, he says in the podcast Strictly Private. “He says he loved doing it without Instagram and in the last line he hopes people have missed him a bit, so he can’t do without that attention. What is it now?”

    Evert breaks down

    His colleague Evert Santegoeds then starts denouncing Gordon’s holiday destination. “I’ve been to the Maldives once, but I wasn’t completely devastated, because yes: you’re on an island there that’s 30 meters long and 20 meters wide and that’s your entire hotel. That’s not really at night…”

    Not really vibrant, Evert wants to say. In other words: downright boring. “It is also an Islamic country. Well, he’s used to that by now, but it’s good to hear from him again. He adds a photo that makes me think: you look good, Gordon.”


    Evert thinks Gordon’s message is a bit exaggerated. “He has now made the call: in fact, everyone should disappear from social media. He also gives tips, like, ‘Get it off your phone! Look what’s wrong! And the rat race!’”

    He continues: “It kind of reminds me of those people who have been drinking all their lives and then stop drinking and then everybody has to stop drinking, you know. You can also just hold it in your hand a bit. But yes, that has never been very successful with Gordon in any area.”


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