The PSOE sees room to convince Junts to approve Sánchez’s three decrees

Next Wednesday will be celebrated the first plenary session of the year in Congress and the Government of Pedro Sánchez It is now at stake to avoid the legislature’s first major parliamentary defeat. The point is that Junts threatens to overthrow the three decrees that the Executive will bring to the chamber, including the latest package of anti-crisis measures. Despite this gloomy outlook for the PSOEhis spokesperson in Congress, Patxi Lopezthis Sunday he has shown confidence that there is still room to convince to the post-convergents that they change their decision. From an event in Bilbao, he assured that the conversations with Junts are “permanent and discreet” and they will work “until the last minute” to convince them. Together has warned that it remains at no.

The PSOE presses with the main argument at its disposal: that the decrees “directly affect in the well-being of citizens“and that it would not be understood that they did not prosper. These rules regulate issues such as the increase in pensionsthe maintenance of the VAT reduction on food, aid to public transport or the tax on large fortunes. In fact, if Junts’ no was confirmed, specific measures for Catalonia would also be put at risk, such as the transfer to the Generalitat of the Minimum Living Income (IMV) and the legal modification to carry out the works on the B-40 highway.

“This is what is at stake and nothing else. That is why we are going to talk to all the formations to move them forward,” López said in statements. collected by Europa Press. The socialist spokesperson has considered that “it is not understandable” that there are those who have supported a progressive government and, then, “when they arrive progressive measures“, do not support them.” This refers to the fact that Junts supported the investiture of Pedro Sanchez and that, in his opinion, now he cannot ignore the first important votes of the mandate.

If the decrees were rejected it would not only be a parliamentary defeat to take into account, but, looking at the long term, one would question what stability the PSOE can have during the four years of the legislature if Junts subjects him to the first changes. However, López has assured that there are “discreet” conversations with Puigdemont’s party and recalled that this discretion did work in investiture negotiations. “Let’s hope they work this time too,” she added.

Junts wants to make “contributions”

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Despite the confidence expressed by the PSOE, Junts has remained this Sunday in his rejection of the three decrees. In an interview in ‘’the general secretary of the party, Jordi Turull, has warned that they are ratified in his “not like a peasant house“. And not only because they consider that one of the decrees puts the application of the amnesty at risk, but for “many other things.” “As the Government’s decrees stand, we will vote no. In the agreement with the PSOE nowhere does it say that we have to vote on things [a favor] why yes,” he warned.

In the agreement [de investidura] With the PSOE nowhere does it say that we have to vote on things [a favor] just because

Jordi Turull

General Secretary of Junts

Turull has opened the door to changing position if the PSOE accepts the “contributions” What Junts wants to do to the decrees. “In these decrees there are issues that do not respect or the financing of the Generalitat neither competence issues“. Despite maintaining this refusal, he has said that there is “until the day of the plenary session” to find a way out. “We will see the reaction of the PSOE“, it is finished.