The Prosecutor’s Office requests that an arrest warrant be issued against Obiang’s son

The Prosecutor’s Office has asked the judge of the National Court Santiago Pedraz what dictates a national and international search and arrest warrant against Carmelo Ovono Obiang, son of the president of Equatorial Guinea, after failing to appear in connection with a lawsuit over a alleged crime of kidnapping with terrorist purpose and torture.

Obiang’s son, current Secretary of State for the Presidency in Equatorial Guinea, and the director of Presidential Security, Isaac Ngemathey were summoned to testify by videoconference before the magistrate on March 28 but they did not, for what the prosecutor is interested in agreeing on the national and international order “as a necessary and proportionate means to ensure the availability of the defendants.”

“Weighing the requirements that meet, having voluntarily and without legal cause eluded the action of justice, and this despite the fact that they were notified of the existence of the procedure, They were allowed access to it and their request that the defendants’ statement be made by video conference was met.“, argues the prosecutor in his brief with this petition before the central investigative court number 5 of the National Court.

Three opponents of the Government of Equatorial Guinea who have promoted in Spain a complaint for kidnapping and torture against the executive’s security leadership They have also asked the judge to issue an international arrest warrant against the president’s son, and the other senior officials under investigation.

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The members of the Equatorial Guinean Government are being investigated in Spain as a result of the complaint for an alleged crime of kidnapping for terrorist purposes and torture thatFour opponents presented against them: Julio Obama (recently deceased), Martín Obiang, Bienvenido Ndong and Feliciano Efa.

The four, with residence in Spain, They denounced that they left Madrid for Juba (South Sudan), where they were arbitrarily detained on November 15, 2019.