The pre-electoral climate blows up the anti-drought summit and prevents an agreement on fines for municipalities

Barely 58 days for municipal elections It seems very few for the political parties to reach an agreement that includes sanctions, precisely, to municipalities. This seems the moral that is drawn from the anti-drought summit held this Friday at the Palau de la Generalitat, between the Government and the political parties. The meeting ended with a preliminary agreement on the table that, in the end, was not validated due to the differences on only one point: that of the fines. The ‘councillor’ of Climate Action, Teresa Jorda, He stated at the end of the meeting that the Government was going to push forward the rest of the points of what had to be the agreement. “For there to be an agreement, there must be a will to reach agreements,” said Jordà, veiledly accusing the PSC of failure of the conclave.

The obstacle was visible in the distance. Was the main point of disagreement with the decree law approved by the Government on February 28, along with the alleged unilateralism of the Catalan administration, attributed by PSC and Junts and denied by the ‘president’ himself Pere Aragones. And the Government, as this newspaper has already advanced, was willing to open its hand regarding the sanctioning regime, precisely to avoid what has ended up happening.

July last offer

Thus, the Climate Action proposal at this summit set for june the start of the processing of disciplinary proceedings against municipalities that fail to comply with the decree. The last offer was to move it to July. However, according to Government sources, the PSC has been rooted in asking for it to be in September, that is, after the summer season. Something that the Executive has considered unacceptable because without the deterrent element of fines, the expected arrival at the state of emergency, that is, at restrictions on domestic consumption, Now scheduled for September, it could be brought forward.

The socialist spokesperson, Silvia Paneque, He pointed out at a press conference, however, that his party was demanding that the sanctioning regime be removed from the decree in its entirety. “It is a mistake to carry out this decree with our backs to the municipalities and, furthermore, to point them out,” he pointed out.

Before the intervention of the socialist, the ‘councillor’ had indicated that it was obvious that the Government did not believe that with a fine the guarantee of water consumption was going to be solved. “We did not even set a start date for the initiation of files & rdquor ;, alleged Jordà. But, at the same time, he again bet on the need for a sanctioning regime, which acts as deterrent agent. “Industry and agriculture have had their consumption cut. It is logical that the town halls have to be the first to have to comply with the criteria of the decree & rdquor ;, he insisted.

mutual surveillance

Why, if only one point has jumped, hasn’t the rest been signed? Because the parties look askance at each other, like cyclists in a sprint. The Government wanted all the parties to sign the complete package of measures, to avoid that, in the middle of the campaign for the elections, there could be self-interested departures from the measures, in the event of an accelerated deterioration of the water reserves. Nobody trusts anybody.

Junts also attended the meeting with the intention to put an end to the sanctioning regime. However, at the meeting, “out of responsibility & rdquor ;, he ended up accepting the moratorium until July. The postconvergent Albert BatetHowever, it was anchored in the lack of agreement to claim that the failure was attributable, solely, to the Government, an Executive “who does not lead & rdquor ;.

For the parliamentary leader of the Comuns, Jessica Albiach, the Government is “little ambitious & rdquor; and, like Batet, he does not pilot. Of course, in the opposite direction. If the postconvergent complained about the fines, the common lamented the “open bar that cruise ships have and the opposition of the Executiu to limit the presence of these vessels to 50%. However, he also denounced the “blackmail of the PSC-Junts clamp with an electoral background & rdquor ;. The last of the parties with which the Government had maintained contacts, the CUPfor his part, He also pointed out both Socialists and Junts for having “castled himself in ending the possible sanctions & rdquor ;.

flowery orchards

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Albiach drew before the microphones what other spokespersons repeated in informal conversation. “According to the decree that the PSC and Junts would like, the agriculture would have problems in the form of restrictions to irrigate the fields, while the municipalities could pour unlimited water about their gardens”.

The electoral component (“they have in their heads to be able to have everything green and pretty face to the elections“, pointed out another attendee at the meeting) was on everyone’s lips.