The World Cup in Qatar started yesterday. Tonight, the Orange squad will play its first match against Senegal. Are you going to watch and cheer for our boys good old fashioned? Or do you especially feel disgust about this World Cup where migrant workers have been exploited and died in the construction of stadiums?

    Yesterday afternoon was the grand opening of the World Cup in Qatar with a festive opening at the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor. The first match was also played between host country Qatar and Ecuador (0-2).

    Migrant workers

    There are various figures about the number of migrant workers who died during the preparations for the World Cup in Qatar. For example, a study by the English newspaper The Guardian speaks of 6500 deaths. FIFA boss Gianni Infantino talks about three migrant workers who died, reports RTLNews.


    Many operators feel the discomfort about the human rights situation in Qatar. This presents them with a dilemma, because the hospitality industry could use some extra turnover after the meager corona years. In Amsterdam Café Brecht has opted for an interim solution. For every visitor they pay 1 euro to the FNV. The union uses the money to strengthen the position of workers in Qatar.

    What do you think?

    Do you feel discomfort watching the World Cup football? Or do you look but leave all the orange decorations in the attic this time? Or maybe you donate an amount for every goal the Orange scores?