09/16/2022 at 11:45


    He forced the entrance of the building, extracted the windows of the stairs and flew down the affected ones who were paralyzed by the shock

    Two women and an eight-month-old baby managed to save their lives on Thursday in a fire thanks to the heroic intervention of an off-duty National Police officer. Hearing the cries of alarm from a neighbor of a block of buildings on Cresta del Gallo avenue, in the Murcian district of San José de la Vega, the agent did not hesitate to take action.

    I heard the cries of a neighbor in the area who warned that the home of a family of Chinese origin (Resident for eight years in the district and with an establishment on the ground floor of the building), it was on fire,” says the national police officer David Sánchez, attached to the Citizen Attention Group of the provincial Citizen Security Brigade.

    “I had to break through the door of the building by force, and immediately went up the stairs; when I got to the landing on the floor there was a lot of smoke, it was already a fairly advanced fire and the stay there was unbearable due to smoke inhalation, and the flames began to appear,” says the agent.

    When the agent returned to the landing, the other woman, the mother-in-law of the baby’s mother, refused to come down, and showed signs of wanting to re-enter the burning home. “We had to use force and pick her up, and lower the three floors of the building quickly because we were already at risk of fainting, and of exploding”, indicates agent Sánchez, detailing “that a gas installation had recently been placed throughout the community.” This policeman also removed the windows of the stairwell to relieve the interior space of smoke.

    Sanitary services were also present, attended one of the women for smoke poisoning and for the strong episode of anxiety presented, was transferred to the nearest hospital. The mother and the baby were assisted and discharged at the scene thanks to the quick action carried out by the agent.

    “It’s always gratifying to do your duty but here the important thing is that there have been no victimsand that the only damage has been the materials, and with that one stays calm”, concluded the national police officer, David Sánchez.